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The Plumbing Tree by Medium Judith - “The Queer Family has a gas leak,” in my coverage of an experimental play by the duo Medium Judith (Amanda Horowitz and Bully Fae Collins) performed at Highways Performance Space in Santa Monica, CA.

Cut Piece - I wrote a big new essay about the history of play publishing for Rachel Kauder Nalebuff, the editorial mind behind the new play publishing project 3-Hole Press. It covers the history of Play A Journal of Plays, Paula Vogel’s teaching, Bonnie Marranca’s publishing at PAJ, John Cage, Gertrude Stein, Fluxus, and actors living in pageant wagons. Photo of Play A Journal of Plays #2 by still-room.

Riting - two short pieces on LA's vital online magazine for performance writing. On Brian Getnick's Moonchops. On Marike Splint's Among Us.

An Index to Index - Yelena Gluzman, Steven Chodoriwsky, and I discuss the polyphonic worlds of performance inside Gluzman's Emergency Index from Ugly Duckling Presse. Our conversation appeared in the photography magazine Osmos.

Two Kinds of Writing - What's the difference between writing a play and writing a performance text? I try to describe the distinction in PAJ 100, edited by Bonnie Marranca and featuring inspiring reflections on life as an artist from Anne Bogart, Liz LeCompte, Mac Wellman, and many other heroes.

let's get punk rock about this - Paper, scissors, ROCK. A proposal for promoting emerging artists to seasoned audiences.  In TCG's Audience Revolutionsedited by Caridad Svich.


Trainers excerpt - in Moon Missives, Summer. A steamy section from my theatrical essay.

Last Resort - in scholar Daniel Sack's endlessly fascinating project Imagined Theaters. Posted for Austin's Fusebox Festival. And check out their ongoing journal

The Clinic - in Emergency Index 5. A description of a performance about an insomnia-diagnosis-clinic. This project eventually led to High Winds.

Little Thing - a micro-play that later became my play Profanity was published in 15 Second Plays by The Debate Society and then selected by Daniel Handler for The Best American Non-Required Reading 2014.

Play A Journal of Plays - Issues 1-4. Published and Co-edited with Jordan Harrison 2003-2011. See our site for back issues and more info on this influential indie play-publishing venture!


50 Playwrights on Their Craft edited by Caroline Jester and Caridad Svich.

Sex Takes a Stage "The act of stating a character’s gender has never been simple." Roundtable [2013] with Annie Sprinkle, Chisa Hutchinson, Winter Miller, and Thomas Bradshaw, moderated by Caridad Svich. Available in libraries.

Oh Gender, Up Yours! Podcast / Article Mashuq Deen, Basil Kreimendahl, and I discuss our experiences as transmasculine playwrights working in the theater. 

I Interview Playwrights # 386 / Adam Symkowitz blog

Five Questions / Culturebot