A Kind of Weather

This datebook is a found object that inspired the play. The text on the right page became lyrics for a song with music by Rick Burkhardt, below.

GREY: The taxi driver comes in the morning and takes us back to the Kingston airport. He calls my daughter sir and she doesn’t correct him.

When Kid's grieving father shows up at his Brooklyn doorstep and asks to move in, it kinda puts a cramp in his sex life. An obsessive-compulsive time-jumping tragi-comedy exploring gender transition and its effect on family relationships. A Kind of Weather is about how we learn to be who we are. 

A Kind of Weather was written in the Clubbed Thumb Writers' Group and workshopped through a Clubbed Thumb/Playwrights Horizons Superlab. It was workshopped most recently through CTG's Writers Workshop Festival and received a public reading at the Kirk Douglas Theater in LA.

Full-length play. 1 Trans Man, 2W, 2M. 100 minutes.