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June 23. CTG's LA Writers' Workshop Festival presents the first major LA reading of A Kind of Weather, my play about a trans guy whose father shows up unannounced and asks to move in.  The day-long festival also features work by LAWW members Dan O'Brien and Zakiyyah Alexander. Should be an exciting event!

Tix and info here. Workshop directed by Eric Hoff featuring Sam Anderson, Jasika Nicole, Scott Turner Schofield, Rodney To, and Sandra Tsing Loh. All are welcome! 

July 14. Trainers workshop directed by Mikaal Sulaiman. The first ensemble cast exploration of this previously single-voiced text. Can't wait to mess around with this. Please join mailing list for updates and see below for info on the project.

July 17-21. High Winds workshop with creative team to develop the show for a showing this fall in New York. 

July. Excerpt from Trainers published in Moon Missives astrology zine by Jaime Wright and Celine Song. Summer Issue.

August. Reading lots of books. Thinking lots of thoughts. Refueling for a big fall.

Late September. Teaching starts. The Paula Vogel Class and Full-Length Plays at UCLA. 

November TBD. High Winds showing in New York.