Truck loading dock or some kind of theater. Longtime obsession finally revealed.

Truck loading dock or some kind of theater. Longtime obsession finally revealed.



OUTTAKES gets syndicated!

Great news for our little web series about transmasculine identity, now joining the esteemed ranks of the incredible artists at the new platform Open TV. Check out both seasons in just 2 binge-tastic reels. Photos above by Allyson Lupovich featuring the Open TV home page, the chins of Avi Glickstein and Becca Blackwell, and myself and BB.



I wrote a big new essay about the history of play publishing for Rachel Kauder Nalebuff, the editorial mind behind the new play publishing project 3-Hole Press. It covers the history of Play A Journal of Plays, Paula Vogel’s teaching, Bonnie Marranca’s publishing at PAJ, John Cage, Gertrude Stein, Fluxus, and actors living in pageant wagons. 3-Hole’s site is just about to launch, but the essay is ready for your sneak-previewing and pdf-ing pleasure. Photo of Play A Journal of Plays #2 by still-room.




A bedtime book for adults inspired by my experiences with insomnia. Genre: western phantasmagoria. Above is a mockup draft. Text by Sylvan Oswald, design by Jessica Fleischmann of Still Room.



A new theater work in a wild and messy generative phase. It’s a many-shaped text forged through conversations with performer Jess Barbagallo about how we attempt to transform our bodies and minds. At the moment it’s also an adaptation of Montaigne’s essay “Of Practice.” Jess, his dog Bluet, and I recently had the chance to develop the piece in a workshop with an LA-based team of artists: director/dramaturg Eric Hoff, designers Aubree Lynn and Mikaal Sulaiman, and the incomparable performer D’Lo.