High Winds


Photo by  Gema Galiana.

Photo by Gema Galiana.

Western Phantasmagoria

High Winds is a dark and twisting bedtime tale for adults based on my experiences with insomnia, gender transition, and moving to Los Angeles. Conceived in 2015 as an art-book collaboration with graphic designer Jessica Fleischmann, High Winds was published in 2017 by X Artists Books. Since then, I've been working to turn my text about this transmasculine drifter's search for his estranged half-brother into a performance. Jerome Ellis created and performs an otherworldly electro-acoustic score. Kate Freer's projections adapt the luminous original images for live performance. Ellie Heyman dramaturgs and directs. 

Our fall 2018 performance will feature a lighting design by Sarah Lurie and the introduction of High Winds' dream image of himself, played by newcomer Luke Zimmerman. 


Past Performances:

Fall 2017: Abrons Arts Center;  LAX Festival presented by Los Angeles Performance Practice.

Spring 2018: Next Door @ NYTW


Producer and Presenter Info Here.