ESTHER: Probably when men gather. They talk about what’s forbidden. But not what we think of as forbidden like murder or adultery or any of the ten commandments. They think and do and talk about all the things men shouldn’t because they aren’t manly.


Two brothers run a real estate agency in Philadelphia selling land that doesn't exist. The final installment of the Mystery Plays trilogy (Sun Ra, Nightlands), Profanity, was written in the wake of the Bernie Madoff scandal. The play is a parable about spiritual responsibility for one's community inspired by Jewish mysticism, the history of Philadelphia's sinking houses, and the author's family lore.

Full-length play. 2W, 3M. 110 minutes.

Undermain Theatre, world premiere, directed by Katherine Owens, 2013.
Soho Rep, workshop, directed by Pam MacKinnon, 2012.
Developed in Clubbed Thumb Writers Group 2011-2012.
Awarded Six Points Fellowship 2010-2012.